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Who is this guy Jesse Williamson?

Jesse Williamson playing with his dogs on the beach


After graduating summa cum laude from Rutgers with a BA in English and a specialization in Psychology, Jesse Williamson landed his first job in American Express’ Business Finance division in Whippany, NJ, helping the company test market loan products.

During that time he was simultaneously working as a hip hop producer, where he specialized in hip hop beat-making. For Jesse, it was an easy transition, as he had financed his undergraduate education by DJing at house parties, clubs, weddings and corporate events, showcasing technical skills like cutting, scratching, transforming and beat juggling. This work ignited a passion for a wide variety of music, from classic soul to folk to modern pop music, that has only grown exponentially.

The unit Jesse worked in at American Express was an LLC set up to study potential new products. Ultimately the unit proved so successful they were rolled back into the company, offering Jesse a job in Phoenix at Amex’s headquarters. He ultimately decided to turn down the job and chase his dreams in New York.

Enrolling in Fordham University’s Deming Scholars honors MBA program, Jesse received dual MBAs in Finance and Management Systems. The Deming program provided him with an opportunity to land unique consulting engagements including with venture capital and early stage technology groups FinanceNYC LLC and ITAC, financial giant Met Life and the United Nations’ Finance Management Support Service. He rapidly developed a reputation as a knowledgeable, diligent, and innovative strategic and financial specialist. He quickly made a name for himself in finance, accepting a position as Vice President of FinanceNYC from 2004 to 2008 before accepting a Vice President position at boutique investment bank Seidman & Company.

Jesse now serves as a Director of 9.8 Group Inc., a holding company comprised of marketing, media, advisory and technology businesses. His responsibilities include creation and execution of the 9.8 Group’s corporate strategy, facilitation of mergers and acquisitions, and leadership of financial operations, among others. Obviously no stranger to hard work, Jesse is a multi-talented and ever-evolving leading expert in the finance field, constantly educating himself on a wide variety of topics from private equity to mergers and acquisitions.

When Jesse finds time for himself, he spends it with his fiancee and friends, searching for great food, enjoying New York sports, and chasing waves with those he loves. A New Jersey native, Jesse first found a love for the ocean as a youngster riding along on his aunt’s longboard at the infamous Montauk, N.Y. surf spot, Ditch Plains. For Jesse, the beach and family have always been synonymous, a place where he feels most at home.

While he’s spent most of his life body surfing, Jesse has recently invested in his own surfboard. When he’s not driving his 1990 Chevy Suburban beater searching for a good swell to hone his surf skills with his cousin Jacquie, Jesse splits most of his free time enjoying the beautiful east-end beaches with his fiancee and family and indulging in his love for sports and music.

A high school baseball and basketball player, Jesse’s general love for competition has never left him, as he still enjoys pickup basketball games with his friends, tennis matches, and a friendly game of cornhole (he calls it bag-o). If any of his favorite NY sports teams are playing, you better believe Jesse will be rooting for them. Let’s go Mets, Knicks, Giants and Rangers!

A big foodie, Jesse both enjoys dining out at many New York hotspots and cooking with fresh, local ingredients at his Greenwich Village residence. A lover of a perfectly cooked steak, fresh seafood, and spicy Italian dishes, he’s racked up an eclectic list of favorite go-to dishes to cook and restaurants to patronize.