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The farm-to-table movement has finally reached the big city. Focusing on producing food locally and delivering the food to local consumers, it has helped to spearhead organic farming initiatives, sustainable agriculture, as well as community-supported agriculture. Promoted by the agriculture, restaurant, and foodservice industry, New York has seen an influx in farm-to-table establishments, serving up fresh, local, and organic dishes that can’t be found anywhere else.

Here are some of the best farm-to-table restaurants the Big Apple has to offer.

The Green Table

With an incredible menu including dishes like their flavorful spin on an old classic, the Mushroom Pot Pie, and their ungorgettable Harvest Salad, The Green Table gains another regular diner after almost every newcomer cleans their plate. The Green Table is affiliated with Battery Park’s Table Green owner The Cleaver Co,, which a food company that believes that farm fresh food is very important.


If you’re craving some delicious, fresh, and flavorful italian dishes, then look no further! Rosemary’s utilizes healthy, farm-to-table ingredients on the top rich italian food that you’ll dream about for week after. Most of the herbs are grown on the roof above, taking farm-to-table to a completely new level. With incredible happy hour deals and an energetic ambiance, Rosemary’s is the perfect place to dine on some fresh foods with fun friends.

Cow and Clover:

The fresh and healthy fare at this Brooklyn restaurant is one of a kind as they offer such a diverse menu fit for any meal of the day. Their brunch is awesome and if you’re a seafood fan, start making your way here now. It’s some of the best and freshest in the five boroughs! If you prefer to stay on the land when it comes to your main protein, stick with the Grass Fed Bavette Steak, it’s truly outstanding. Ultimately, though, there are no wrong decisions when it comes to the options on Cow and Clovers menu.

Hu Kitchen

If you are looking to grab something healthy but quick then Hu Kitchen is your best bet. This healthy food restaurant is yet another great place to come become because of the variety of delicious and healthy options to choose from. There are somes tables in restaurant but there is no waiter service, so you order healthy foods from the counter. This place also has it’s share of healthy snacks and juices so if you’re looking to stock up some local, organic groceries make sure to check out Hu.