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I’m not sure about anywhere else, but for New Yorkers, brunch has become a weekend fixture for foodies, families, bruncheven fraternity brothers. There’s just something about booze and pancakes that feels so right there’s no way it can be wrong.

But now that the breakfast/lunch combo has blown up in popularity, so have the number of restaurants offering it. A dizzying array of chicken & waffles, bacon & eggs, and bottomless cocktails are offered in all corners of Manhattan, and choosing the right place can be overwhelming. And that’s where I come in.

Thanks to Infatuation, I’ve selected some of the top spots to satisfy your brunch fix!

Jack’s Wife Freda

Some are quick to say that this is the best brunch spot in all of NYC, and with good measure. Boasting unique flavors from the Middle East and Israel, and serving up dishes like Rosewater Waffles and their infamous Freda Fried Fish Balls, this cute and small Soho staple is a definitely a brunch-must.


Near Madison Square Garden, this spot is owned by the folks behind Char No. 4 in Brooklyn, and much like it’s BK predecessor, this place pairs smoked and charred meals with an impressive selection of bourbons and whiskeys. And while this place definitely has a southern flare, don’t mistake it for BBQ, because it’s definitely not. With a fish-heavy menu, offering dishes like Hay-Roasted Oysters and Smoked Trout, Maysville also offers some flavorful vegetable dishes for your veggie-based friends.

Jacob’s Pickles

Two words: Jam Jar. Combining muddled strawberries, lemonade, and house-infused gin, this cocktail is so delicious that (I’ve heard) some dream about it post-taste. It also goes great with their chicken and pancakes, or any dish featuring their cheddar grits. Of course I can’t leave out its namesake: the pickled vegetable options are innovative and delicious – try the hot and sour cucumbers, you won’t go wrong. With a dark ambiance, lively crowds, and outdoor seating, this Upper West Side hotspot is definitely worth the (sometimes grueling) wait.

Clinton Street Baking Co.

You know the saying “if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere”? Well, the same applies for this Lower East Side gem. If you can get a table here, you’re the undisputed king/queen of brunch. No reservations and 2+ hour waits have brunchers lining up for this hotspot hours before it opens on the weekends. And it’s for one thing: pancakes. The charming, family-owned establishment can sometimes resemble the L train on a Friday night: packed with young students and hipster families. And for those who don’t think waiting for pancakes for two hours is worth it, instead focus your attention on their Brioche French Toast, topped with caramelized bananas, roasted pecans, and warm maple butter, to get you through the wait.