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March has begun, and with that so has the NCAA Tournament. The tournament involves 68 teams playing a single elimination tournament to determine the national champion of the men’s NCAA Division I college basketball.  It is truly one of the best times to watch college basketball as every game is played with some much intensity and it only takes one loss for team’s season to be over.  There are so many games going on at once that you sometimes have trouble deciding which one to choose, but not anymore. Recently,  Apple held a presentation in Los Angeles where turner sports announced that its NCAA March Madness Live App would be available on the Apple TV in time for when the tournament kicks off next Thursday.  You will now be able to watch two games simultaneously via a split screen. How awesome is that?

Another important thing to point out about this app is that you will be able to switch between games tuning in the audio for one while silencing the other.  The app will include features such as key moments, game highlights, recaps of old games, and complete game schedules. Oh, and if you have an apple watch, the app is compatible on it as well.  What can be better than looking at your watch with constant updates and alerts when you are on the run? However, people who use this app will need to prove they pay a tv subscription.

Apple continues to try a promote its new Apple TV, which was launched back in October. The new apple tv features siri voice activation and universal search. One thing that separates the apple tv from its competitors is that there are over 3,000 apps available for Apple TV .

NCAA Digital executive, Hania Jarrah Poole, said last year more than 180 million people watched March Madness. With Apple looking to boost sales on the new Apple T.V, this March Madness feature could not have come at a better time. This can sure be huge hit for fans and the whole apple company.