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Luncher, a recently launched app, celebrates the most underrated meal of the day: lunch. Between the hours of 11am and 2:30pm, the gourmet grilled cheese that is so quickly shoved into our mouths between meetings and client calls often goes uncelebrated. The marriage of flavors in your bahn mi deserves so much more attention than you’ve giving it.

And that’s where Luncher has come in to save the day for lunch aficionados everywhere (with iPhone 5’s or later)!

Users take photos of their asian-fusion tacos or colorful bowls of pho or imaginatively-decorated hot dogs and submit them to the daily competition. They then vote on lunches in “head-to-head Lunch Offs, which leads to an ultimate lunch champion.

I was recently named a LUNCH LEGEND by Luncher, and was featured on their blog. Check it out below!

Jesse Williamson interviewed for Win Luncher